e-Golf Receives Top Green Compact Car Honor

Last month, the 2017 AAA Green Car Guide named the Volkswagen e-Golf the Top Green Vehicle in the Compact Car category. The e-Golf earned the highest score among 21 competing compact cars, as vehicles were assessed on 13 different attributes, including ride quality, interior noise, visibility, EPA emissions and slalom handling.


Volkswagen Sees Positive April Sales Results

Volkswagen of America announced earlier this week that the company sold 27,557 vehicles in April, establishing a 1.6 percent improvement over April 2016 results. To date, Volkswagen has booked a 7.7 percent 2017 sales growth over last year, as 103,847 vehicles were sold in the first four months of the year.


Volkswagen Golf Awarded Best Small Car

Recently, Volkswagen of America, Inc. proudly announced that the Volkswagen Golf had been named "Best Small Car" in the 2017 Daily News Autos Awards -- earning the award thanks to the vehicle's performance, safety rating and luxurious details.

The 2017 Volkswagen Golf is driven by a turbocharged direct-injection 1.8-liter four-cylinder TSI® engine that rates an EPA-estimated 25 mpg city/35 mpg highway when paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission.


Volkswagen March Sales Are Up

Volkswagen of America announced recently that the company sold 27,635 vehicles in March 2017, realizing a 2.7 percent sales growth over March 2016 numbers. To date, Volkswagen has sold 76,290 vehicles in 2017, which is a 10.1 percent year-over-year sales gain.

The month's results were fueled by the Golf family of vehicles, which sold a total of 6,369 vehicles in March for a 41.7 percent jump...


Family Evolution Takes Center Stage in Volkswagen’s “Luv Bug” Ad

The all-new and first-ever 2018 Volkswagen Atlas has been making headlines ever since its debut, but we have even better news, friends! It’s arriving soon at our dealership, and others around the country. To mark this occasion, our preferred automaker recently debuted a new advertisement for it called “Luv Bug.” Although it centers on the Atlas, it also features other beloved models.


The Volkswagen Arteon is a Worthy Successor to the CC

Those who opt for the CC aren’t your run-of-the-mill midsize sedan buyers. They’re looking for a niche product—a car that bears the basic foundation of a midsize car, but more premium zest. While the CC was that option for many, the time has come for it to be put to pasture and usher in its insanely-good looking replacement: the 2019 Volkswagen Arteon.


Don't Let Your Vehicle Overheat and Follow this Primer

At Volkswagen of Kearny Mesa, we know you don't want your car to overheat. So, to prevent it, obviously service is the answer, but also, so is knowing the signs. That's why we've put together this primer on overheating, so you come away with more knowledge and will know how to handle a vehicle overheating.

How Do You Know Your Car is Overheating?

  • The check engine light comes on
  • The temperature gauge…

Come see the 2017 Passat at Volkswagen of Kearney Mesa


Here in San Diego, we all love driving a vehicle that is full of features and other types of excitement. You get that with the 2017 Passat here at Volkswagen of Kearny Mesa, and we'd like to highlight just a few of the many things you'll find onboard that provide lots of appeal.


In Some Easy Steps You Can Change Your Wiper Fluid

Everyone in San Diego can say they know a little bit about being under the hood of their vehicle, especially after we tell you one way everyone can do their own bit of maintenance. It's changing your wiper fluid, and truly anyone could do it, as it only takes a bit of effort, and is simple!

  • Open up the hood of your vehicle, and find the washer fluid reservoir, which is the white and…

Get a Handle on the Squealing Noises from Your Vehicle

At Volkswagen of Kearney Mesa, we all want to have smooth driving that is noise free here in San Diego. If you start hearing squealing noises in your vehicle it could be many different things, and we want you to know what they might be before you bring it in to our service department to have it checked out.

  • If it squeals while you turn the steering wheel, it could be low power-steering fluid. It…

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